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The applicant, GW Properties, presented their proposal on August 24, 2022.   The objector group shared their many concerns on September 14, 2022.  The applicant does not meet rezoning standards, site plan review criteria, or conditional use standards.  Click the link below to view the video.

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The proposed plan will add two access drives, increasing potential conflicts in areas that are already congested.  The commercial plan will increase congestion and delays at the Plaza Del Prado access drive on Pfingsten.  A residential development could eliminate new access drives on Willow and Pfingsten.


The burden is on the applicant to show the proposed plan will not harm the general welfare of our community but the increased traffic congestion makes it less safe.  Standards are used to determine whether the property should be rezoned from Residential to Commercial.  The applicant does not meet the standards.

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The Village of Glenview evaluates site plans by specific criteria.  The proposed site plan does not meet the criteria because the setbacks are not harmonious with adjacent development, it is too intense, with too much building space, causing undue congestion.  The playground would be safer within the site, not close to the Pfingsten access drive.

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The web pages below were created in 2019 during the first proposal for development at Willow and Pfingsten.

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Residents questioned the Village's interpretation of Ordinance 2856 and asked the Court to weigh in. The Appellate Court states, "We thus reject the Village's interpretation of Ordinance 2856, as we find it to be an unreasonable, implausible alternative construction."

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An alliance of residents want to raise awareness about development project at Willow and Pfingsten and gain support for residential zoning.


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Residents care about an unusual ordinance, lack of transparency, and a retail development that will forever burden our community with unsafe conditions and traffic congestion.


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Your participation is critical to our mission to keep our neighborhood residential.  Every little bit of help you can offer is greatly appreciated.

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Below are links to documents with information about the property at the southwest corner of Willow and Pfingsten.

History of Ordinance 2856

Glenview ​Commission Meetings 

Developer's documents

Glenivew Information​

Residents' Submission to Plan Commission

Other information


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