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In a Meeting


Members of our group have researched a number of different topics including:

  • Ordinance 2856

  • 1988 meeting minutes

  • Historical documents

  • Municipal Code

  • Glenview Comprehensive Plans, historical and current

  • Comprehensive Plan meeting minutes

  • Glenview Development Process Flowchart

  • Procedure and criteria for Public Hearing to rezone property

  • Procedure and criteria for Public Hearing for a development plan 

  • developments in Glenview

  • Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) standards for Strategic Regional Arterials (Willow Road)

  • IDOT accident and crash data

  • FOIA request for Glenview and Northbrook accident and crash data

  • Retail trends, national and local

  • Grocery store trends, national and local

  • Software to enhance communication

  • Logo design

  • Promotional products to increase community awareness

Research: List
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