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Bike Traffic Light


Of utmost concern is the safety of our neighborhood.  We want our streets and sidewalks safe so we can get out and enjoy our community.

A number of factors are at play regarding safety at this intersection.

  • Two high schools - With two high schools, each about one mile from the intersection, many drivers in the area are teens.  A retail development would increase hazards for teen drivers at one of the most hazardous intersections in Glenview.  

  • We use our sidewalks - The developer calls for wider sidewalks, but likely only in the area of the development.  While this may sound nice, the safety feature of a wider sidewalk is offset by adding access roads.

  • Bicycles and pedestrians - The west side of Pfingsten is predominantly used to avoid the access road for Plaza Del Prado.  Adding a drive for cars on the west side of Pfingsten eliminates a safe path.

  • Willow Road is likely the busiest road in Glenview.  The traffic is already has a rating for being at overcapacity.  A retail development at this intersection will create a traffic pattern that is inherently dangerous.

  • Buildings - Unlike Plaza Del Prado, the developer's plans show retail buildings right against the sidewalk, without setbacks.  This eliminates sight line views of the area.  A blind spot is created by the building being right next to the access drive.  This puts pedestrians and cars in danger, but it becomes more critical for bicyclists.  People on their bikes would need to come to a full stop in order to see a car approaching in the drive.

  • An important fact regarding the developer's incorrect assessment of the intersection inadequacies, "there is limited visibility for turning vehicles due to the heavy line of trees on both streets."  The trees do not limit visibility for cars traveling east or west on Willow and turning left onto Pfingsten. The plans to revise the intersection will not improve sight lines when making a left turn because the issue is not the trees, it is the width of the road.   A right turn lane for eastbound Willow onto southbound Pfingsten will NOT improve conditions for left turns from Willow to Pfingsten.  A new right turn lane on eastbound Willow will NOT create "substantially more efficient and safer turning conditions as well as drastically improved lines of sight at the intersection" as stated by the developer.

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