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We know we have community support and it's not just residents near the property who are concerned about how a retail development would negatively impact our community.  Here are some examples:

  • Door to door petition campaign - We talked to homeowners.  99% of people approached when we reached them at home signed the petition 

  • Many residents asked to help when approached during the door-to -door campaign. 

  • Petition campaign at local retail areas and Glenview parade - We talked to residents.  Most of the people we approached seemed frustrated that a retail development was being considered.  Others thought about it for a few minutes and then signed after realizing the traffic and safety issues.  Some were not willing to sign until they had more information.  

  • Some who have signed the petition have walked their neighborhoods to gather more support.

  • Over 400 hand-written signatures on petition

  • Received many requests for development email update list

  • Facebook likes, 153 and counting!

  • Over 302 people have submitted letters to Glenview Trustees and Village staff

Community Support: List
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