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The ordinance, which calls for the northern 6.2 acres of the property to be sold for business, was passed in 1988.  There are many odd components to the ordinance.  The landowner was granted a water service line at no charge to the owner, and a sewer line with no tap on fee charged to owner by the Village.  The southwest corner of Willow and Pfingsten was annexed into Glenview at the same time as four other properties in the near vicinity.  The other three properties were not granted an ordinance with amenities.

What's even more unusual about this ordinance is the timing for rezoning the property.  The typical process for rezoning requires a petition to rezone, a public hearing and decision by the Plan Commission and a final decision by the Board of Trustees.  In this case, a public hearing was held in 1988, but the property was NOT rezoned in 1988.  The rezoning takes place when the developer applies to develop the property, which would be in 2019.  Residents living in Glenview in 2019 were not granted a public hearing to rezone the property even though state law requires a public hearing to rezone property.  Residents who spoke up 31 years ago  did a great job, but most of us were not living in the area at that time and we would like to be heard.

Glenview is a different place than it was 31 years ago.  The population in Glenview has grown 20% since then.  In 1988, the internet did not exist, a gallon of gas cost 91 cents and the average cost of a new home was $91,600!  A public hearing from 31 years ago is not right.

Ordinance 2856: List
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